New York Menu

House Special Appetizers

Edamame                                   7

Soy beans with sea salt

Shishito Peppers                          10

Japanese sweet peppers

Gyoza                                       9

Steamed or Pan Fried Pork dumplings

Shumai                                       9

Steamed Shrimp shumai

Shrimp Tempura                           15

Fried jumbo shrimps

Soft Shell Crab Tempura                18

Fried soft shell crab served with ponzu

King Crab Tempura                   M/P

Served with ponzu sauce

Rock Shrimp                                19

Crispy shrimp with your choice of spicy creamy or ponzu sauce

Hotate-Kaiyaki                             15

Kani, tabiko, mushrooms & cheese baked on half shell

Lamb Chops                             M/P

Grilled Australian lamb chops

Ohitashi                                    7

Spinach with house special sauce and bonito

Yaki Ika                                    18

Grilled squid served with ginger teriyaki sauce

Nasu Dengaku                          11

Miso broiled eggplant

Age-Dashi Tofu                           9

Tofu, nameko tempura sauce

Gindara Saikyo Yaki                  16

Broiled sweet miso marinated black cod with chef's homemade sauce

Ebi Chili                                  17

Spicy sautéed shrimp

Hamachi Kama                      M/P

Broiled yellowtail collar

Kaki Fry                                   15

Breaded fried oysters


Choice of.                a. Beef       9

                              b. Shrimp   10

                              c. Chicken   8



Daikanyama Salad                        12

Baby greens with special house dressing

Seaweed Salad                            8

Seaweed in a light vinegar sauce

Tsukemono                                   6

Japanese pickled vegetables

Spring Salad                             15

Spicy tuna, avocado, mix tobiko, spicy creamy sauce and wasabi creamy sauce

Fried Calamari Salad.                 15

Served with spring mix

Lobster Avocado Salad                18

Lobster, cucumber & avocado with creamy sauce & tobiko



Miso Soup                                   6

Soybean soup

Akadashi                                     7

Gluten free red miso soup with vegetables

Shitake Sui                                  10

Shitake mushroom soup

Dobin Mushi                                13

Light broth with seafood and chicken

Chawan Mushi                            14

Egg custard with seafood and soy bean


Spicy Pork Nabeyaki Udon.         29

Udon noodle soup with spicy pork belly served with soft boiled egg on top

Asari Yaki Udon or Soba             30

Stir fried udon noodle with manila clams, shiitake mushroom and enoki mushroom

Vegetable Truffle Ramen              45

Stir fried ramen noodle with truffle oil, salt paste and topped with sliced truffle

Entrees From The Sushi Bar

Served with salad and soup (No Substitutions)

Daikanyama Platter                      70

Chef's selection of assorted sushi, sashimi and maki

Nigiri Dinner                              35

Chef's selection of assorted sushi

Sashimi Dinner                           40

Chef's selection of assorted fresh sashimi

Chirashi                                    30

Chef's selection of assorted sashimi served on sushi rice

Salmon Special                          30

Salmon sushi, sashimi and maki

Tekka Don                                 35

Sliced fresh raw tuna on a bed of sushi rice

Kouhaku Don                             45

Tuna and yellowtail sashimi on sushi rice


Steamed Rice                             5

Brown Rice                                5

Sushi Rice                                  8

Entrees From The Kitchen

Served with soup, salad and rice

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura   35

Lightly battered deep fried shrimp and vegetable served with tempura sauce

Kurobuta Tonkatsu                     35

Black pork covered with Japanese batter and fried, served with homemade specialty sauce

Pork Katsu Cordon Bleu.             40

Chicken Katsu                          30

Tendered chicken covered with Japanese batter and fried, served with homemade specialty sauce

On the grill

Tendered meat or seafood grilled to perfection and smothered in our house specialty sauce

            a. Sirloin Steak             38

            b. Chicken                   30

            c. Shrimp                     40

            d. Salmon                    35

            e. Filet Mignon              45

Wagyu Beef Ishiyaki

            5 Ozs                         60

            8 Ozs                         90

Lunch Specials

Served Monday-Friday 11:00AM - 3:00PM

Served with soup, salad and rice * No Substitutions

Daikanyama Special                  25

(Changes Daily, please ask server)

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura.   18

Grilled Sirloin Steak with             20

teriyaki sauce

Spicy chicken Teriyaki                 17

Grilled Chicken with teriyaki         17




Black Pork Tonkatsu                   18

Chicken Katsu                          17

Sushi                                      22

Sashimi                                   24

Makimono Combo                    20

Vegetable Makimono Combo.     18

Chef's choice

Donburi (Lunch)

Japanese rice bowl served with miso soup and salad

Oyako Don                              16

Tender chicken breast with onion and egg

Katsu Don                                20

​Fried black pork cutlets with onion and egg


Chicken Katsu Don                    19

Fried chicken cutlets with onion and egg

Una Don                                  25

Broiled fresh water eel served with kabayaki sauce

Appetizers From The Sushi Bar

Hamachi Usuzukuri                    20

Thinly sliced yellowtail with chef special soy sauce

Hamachi Tosa                          16

Sliced yellowtail sashimi with light spicy bonito soy sauce

Beef Tataki                               18

Seared sirloin steak with ponzu sauce

Cajun Tuna Tataki                      25

Seared tuna with Cajun spice, topped with onion, scallions, tobiko served with ponzu sauce

Sake Kinuta                              18

Sake, avocado, cucumber, and tobiko sashimi rolled in radish

Naruto                                    15

Kani, tobiko and avocado rolled in cucumber

Summer Hand Roll                     12

Shrimp, kani, cucumber, tobiko, scallions and spicy creamy sauce wrapped with cucumber, hand roll style

Also available with:

       a. Spicy tuna                     15

       b. Spicy salmon                 13

       c. Spicy yellowtail              15


Fresh seafood in light vinegar

       a. Tako (Octopus)               20

       b. Ebi                               18

           Cooked jumbo shrimp

       c. Seafood                        25

           Kani, octopus, shrimp

Yuzu Spicy Salmon                    25

Salmon sashimi with spicy yuzu sauce topped with avocado and ikura

Nigiri / Sashimi

Tamago - Japanese Egg Omelet    6

Kani - Crabstick                         10

Ebi - Steamed Jumbo Shrimp         5

Tako - Octopus                           6

Unagi - Fresh water eel                9

Saba - Pickled Mackerel              7

Ika - Squid                                6

Suzuki - Striped Bass                   7

Sake - Salmon                           6

Tobiko - Flying Fish Roe               6

Ikura - Salmon Roe                     7

Smoked Salmon                        6

Hamachi - Yellowtail                  8

Maguro - Tuna                           7

Botan Ebi - Sweet Shrimp            9

Wagyu - Kobe Beef                  10

Toro - Tuna belly                      M/P

Hotategai - Scallop                 M/P

Uni - Sea urchin                      M/P

Kampachi - Wild Yellowtail          8


Daikanyama                            15

Tuna, salmon, sweet potato tempura, tobiko, cucumber and spicy creamy sauce

White Caterpillar                      25

Cucumber and spicy creamy sauce topped with scallops and tobiko

Yokohama Maki                        25

Salmon, tuna, cucumber, crunch, tobiko with wasabi sauce and spicy kabayaki sauce

Cherry Blossom                         18

Salmon, avocado and tempura crumbs topped with tuna

Spicy Girl                                 20

Cooked salmon topped with unagi, avocado, spicy creamy sauce and kabayaki sauce

Sunset                                      18

Spicy seafood topped with torched salmon and spicy creamy sauce finished with kabayaki sauce

Green Dragon                           11

Spicy yellowtail topped with avocado

Snowing                                   15

Spicy tuna and cucumber topped with spicy tuna and tobiko

Traffic Light                              11

Tuna, salmon, avocado, radish and tobiko

Black Forest                             13

Unagi, sweet potato tempura and avocado, topped with kabayaki sauce and black tobiko

Fuji                                        14

Tuna, fuji apple, sweet potato tempura and tobiko served with Chef's special sauce

Princess                                  22

Shrimp tempura with tuna and avocado

Spicy Kaki Katsu                      12

Deep fried oysters, cucumber and negi

Daisy                                     10

Sweet potato tempura and cucumber, topped with mango

Godzilla                                 11

Asparagus, mushroom tempura, avocado and spicy creamy sauce