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About Daikanyama

Let's face the reality! For the most authentic Japanese experience, you must go to Tokyo. Daikanyama focuses on bringing you the best Japanese experience sprinkled with the most intriguing French, Chinese and NE influence to give you a unique and original experience! You are never intimidated to enjoy your food. That is Daikanyama!

We are a family and friends tribe.  Many of our "Members of the Tribe" have been with the business for more than 3-6 years. This is the ONLY way that we guarantee your experience.  Even our families wants to eat at Daikanyama every week!  No matter if you are a vegetarian, sushi connoisseur, or just want a tasty chunk of wagyu steak, you will enjoy your stay!  

Where did the name Daikanyama came from? Daikanyama is a ritzy neighborhood in Tokyo. (Same as Beverly Hills in LA) Daikanyama represents the best Tokyo has to offer, we strive to be the same!


Press and Feedback


The Boston Globe

"Sashimi here is skillfully cut, and simple nigiri satisfy. The rice is as important as the fish; if it doesn’t catch your attention with its perfection here, it also isn’t cold or hard as is too common at American sushi bars."


Trip Advisor - customer review

“The place was recommended by a friend, it was found to be a great place to meet and have the real Japanese experience, the Saki which was recommended was genuine and gentile, the dishes were exquisite , definitely a place we’ll return too”

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